Welcome to the World RPS Society's Historical Archives

Taking a look back at the Society's advertising and media campaigns can bring new insight into long forgotten events. Many of these images were designed to promote the sport of Rock Paper Scissors. Throws go in and out of fashion as fast as hemlines, backroom political battles become evident and hidden symbolism sometimes reveals that a deeper message is actually being communicated. Therefore, many of the internal struggles within the Society have been waged in full public view, but unless the viewer has the knowledge of what was going on at the time, these messages can often be difficult to decipher.

The hope of this online gallery is to further educate enthusiasts and provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the history of one of the world's most popular games.

Enjoy and learn.

Trevor Chavandish

Curator - World RPS Society Historical Archives

World RPS Society Promotional Posters

aboveall cmon your-victory
1934 - Above All 1934 - Come On! 1939 - Your Your Your
leninwip honour-invic beginwithprime
1950 - Our Rock Will Crush 1925 - Honour In Victory 1962 - Begin With The Prime
leadpaper mentor leadon
1979 - Lead By Example 1965 - Mentor 1973 - Lead On
forward-with-rockfinal3 sweepingrock thechoice
2002 - Forward With Rock 1954 - Sweeping Rock 1959 - The Choice Is Yours
power_stealth ourrock stcissorstofront2
1979 - Power Stealth Ingenuity 1951 - Our Rock 1955 - Scissors to the Front
the_rightchoice truthrps thinkrock
1979 - The Right Choice 1927 - Truth 1955 - Think Rock

World RPS Society Print Advertisments

everyone_s-clubfinal notsofast stockholm
1946 - Everyone's Club 1953 - Not So Fast 1965 - Stockholm World Tournament

World RPS Society Promotional Photographs

france1944 potsdam churchillcollage
1944 - Paper Attack 1945 - Potsdam Conference Churchill Collage
virtualstone yelt
1996 - Virtual Rock 1994 - Clinton Vs. Yeltsin

World RPS Society New Media Campaigns

rock paper scissors
1998 - Rock 1998 - Paper 1998 - Scissors
1999 - Web Banner

World RPS Society Media Attention

rps_edmonton_journal.jpg_1 icon1 icon1
2001 - Edmonton Journal 2001 - National Public Radio 2001 - Canadian Broadcasting Company
2001 - Zip FM