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Lead by Example - 1979

At a time when Paper's popularity as a throw was at an all-time low, this poster was produced by the World RPS Society to help encourage players to return to using Paper as an opening move. This top-down strategy was based upon the belief that younger players would emulate their hero’s actions and place this throw higher in their strategic quiver. This idea is visually reinforced in the background by a Mentor (red shirt) gently guiding his student to emulate the practices of the RPS Master in action in the foreground.

Featured here is professional player Gerry "Smoke Screen" Chong who was best known for being able to hold back his Paper longer than any other player on the circuit using a technique called "cloaking". (i.e.: make his opponent think he was throwing a rock but in the split second prior to releasing his throw, switch it quickly to Paper).

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