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Author Topic: Free Spot in the Final 64!  (Read 25845 times)
Chad Leatherstep
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« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2006, 02:37:52 PM »

The sanctioning system is a new system that was designed in order to keep the World Championships as a viable on-going event. Unlike other leagues that have the benefit of deep pocketed sponsors, the WRPSS must be more creative in trying to keep the World's Premier RPS tournament alive and functioning. As such, the WRPSS experimented with a new sanctioning system this year and with all new systems it is working out of the bugs. The Steering Committee will likely be revisiting the sanctioning guidelines after this year's season and will make amendments as it feels are necessary.

The winner of the Casino Niagara Tournament has been granted a spot into the round of 64 at the World Championships. Nothing has changed. The winner abided by all the rules of the event and as such it is important for the WRPSS to uphold her advanced standing.

Yes, it is true that the guidelines state that there must be 128 competitors, BUT the Casino made the WRPSS aware of their fear that they may not get the required number and the Steering Committee made the decision to uphold the sanctioning. Because the Casino took every effort to promote interest in the event and they made the WRPSS aware of this potential shortfall 2 weeks prior to the event taking place, the SC felt that the best course of action was to not take away the 'sanctioned' standing. The reason for this was because it was felt that it was more important to help develop interest in RPS events rather than disappoint players that had already made arrangements to attend. Had the Casino not made the WPRSS aware of the potential shortfall, we would likely be in a different situation.

Also, the SC felt comfortable with upholding the sanctioning for another reason:

- A player to win the World Championships must win a total of 9 matches.
- For a player to win a 64 player event they must win 6 matches.

As such, a proportional advanced standing system should actually award the winner of a 64 player event a spot into the round of 8 at the World Championships. Therefore, the winner of the Casino Niagara event is not being given undue advanced standing placement that is disproportional to her achievement.

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« Reply #16 on: September 11, 2006, 03:49:05 PM »

I suppose you could make a case that even with a bigger field to overcome, a lower caliber of play at an endorsed event *could* make it easier, but I think if Grants coverage proved anything in this months rpsradio it was that the high level turnout was very respectable. Equal to that we've seen in the various national championships overseas at any rate.

As long as the WPRS is monitoring the event to make sure it's not being *intentionally* softened by the promoters, this case by case basis should work fine.

lex "TripleA" Apter
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Chris Hernandez
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« Reply #17 on: September 11, 2006, 09:34:35 PM »

Quote from: "TripleA"
..but I think if Grants coverage proved anything in this months rpsradio it was that the high level turnout was very respectable.

I concur, the level of play was very respectable. Even if The Lackawanna Posse didn't "go down in history"...

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Master Roshambollah
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« Reply #18 on: September 11, 2006, 11:05:18 PM »

I would like to congratulate Casino Niagara on hosting an astoundingly successful first tournament.  From all accounts the officiating was fantastic, the MC'ing was excellent, and the gameplay overwhelming.  Congratulations go to Rosemary Harper, who defeated a stunning field to seize this inaugural event.  Organizing and promoting a RPS tournament can be extremely difficult.  Congratulations again to Casino Niagara for taking this bold step and upholding the finest traditions of the sport, as well as completely fulfilling the World RPS Society Sanctioning requirements, the veritable gold standard of RPS sanctioning.

Brad Fox
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« Reply #19 on: September 12, 2006, 12:38:35 AM »

I'm with Rosh on this one Chad. I know that "creatively interpreting" the rulebook is pretty much the standing order at HQ, and that Chris and Alex will gush over anything that gives them a good soundbyte and a free lunch... but what's the point of having published regs if they're not adhered to? If they're not practical, change them, or follow them.

Even then this particular situation's strange. I just listened to this months podcast and Doug Walker himself stated that they had to turn away competitors at the event... how many, I have no idea - but clearly lack of interest wasn't an issue. Or was that more Walker spin?

While the argument that a victory in a tournament of 64 is harder than advancing to the round of 64 at the Worlds is technically correct that's a dangerous precident to set as a standard. To advance to the round of 64 at the worlds typically requies four match wins... a feat that would be equal in a tournament of 16... and I certainly don't think anyone's clamoring to reduce the eligibility requirements for sanctioned events to 16.

I know it seems I'm just being pedantic everytime I get my shirt in a knot about following the rules (or, in the case of "street" RPS, ignoring them) but again - THE WRPS WAS FOUNDED TO STANDARDIZE THE RULES OF THE GAME. The entire Raison d'etre of this body is to codify and standardize a sport so it can be uniformily adopted worldwide. To have fought for so long and so hard to govern the sport, and then to risk the (percieved) dillution of the very same championships of that sport because the standardized rules are inconvenient, seems... counterintuitive to me.

Incidentally Chad, your math is slightly off. One needs (typically) ten victories to win a World Championships - not nine:
2 Victories (one pool) to advance to the round of 256
4 Victories (two pools) to advance to the round of 64
6 Victories (three pools) to advance to the mainstage (16)
8 Victories to advance to the final 4
9 Victories to advance to the finals
10 Victories to win a World Championships.

Head of Officiating WRPS
Head Referee, World Championships 2004-2008
Grand Marshall, World Championships 2009
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