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Author Topic: New RPS Master  (Read 4132 times)

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New RPS Master
« on: January 28, 2012, 09:54:33 PM »

It is with great happiness that the Council of Masters recognizes that Don McKeown of Calgary, Alberta (Canada) has achieved the status and title of RPS Master. He achieved this notable feat of his own merit, and after the successful defense of his Master's Thesis "RPS: More than Just a Game?" This title was granted after a brief discussion with C. Urbanus and the traditional RPS Masters' "Astral Sabbat" (which to the uninitiated seems more like imagining a conversation with people not actually there.) The Council of Masters can not grant Master status, but we know it when we see it. Don has chosen the titles "Master More Than Just A Game" and alternately "Masta Don" (at my suggestion) and he tells me that he plans to acquire more aliases as soon as he is able. Well done, Master More Than Just A Game.

It has been some time since the topic of RPS Mastery (or any topic, for that matter) has been discussed in this forum. The Way to RPS Mastery is a curious path; typically, as soon as Mastery is obtained by some means, that path is then closed down to future aspirants. For example, Master Pete became a Master by winning the first ever World RPS tournament in Toronto. Masta Don achieved his Mastery through his Master's Thesis. Master Awesome Thanu achieved by having a newspaper refer to his Master title even though he did not personally claim it. And so on.

Further muddying the waters is the fact that there are two types of RPS Masters: Outer Masters and Inner Masters. The Outer Masters are the more public of the two branches, and the only ones who use the title "Master." They are typically used as emissaries or symbolic figureheads, and in at least one case possibly as a practical joke played on the world of RPS by the Council of Masters itself (though I do not personally know who this is, a lot of other Masters seem to mention him or her to me.)  I may not know all of these Masters, and there may even be disagreement between Masters concerning who is a Master and who isn't. At present, I am aware of the following Outer RPS Masters: Master Pete Lovering, M i/a ster Tod Brilliant, Master Awesomer Thanu, Master "Smooth" Santa Ray, Master More Than Just A Game, myself - Master Roshambollah -  and a quasi-physical entity from another "dimension" whose name is quite unpronounceable and whose very existence may be a figment of my imagination.

The Inner Masters are another matter. They do not openly claim their Mastery and are present at the Council of Masters' Astral Sabbats as black-cowled and robed figures. I do not know who any of them are, but my suspicions lie with the individuals I know who are most capable of Master-level play, C. Urbanus and custardchuk among them.

Aleister Crowley, the 20th century mystic, had quite a bit to say on the subject of Mastery. In his "The Vision and the Voice" Crowley notes:

What I thought were shapes of rocks, rather felt than seen, now appear to be veiled Masters, sitting absolutely still and silent. Nor can any one be distinguished from the others...These adepts seem like Pyramids --- their hoods and robes are like Pyramids...Thinkest thou that there is life within the Masters of the Temple, that sit hooded, encamped upon the Sea? Verily, there is no life in them...Those whose eyes are sealed up, and whose ears are stopped, and whose mouths are clenched, who are folded in upon themselves, the liquor of whose bodies is dried up, so that nothing remains but a little pyramid of dust."

Crowley's words ring as true today as they did when he wrote them over 100 years ago. Food for thought, on this joyous occasion.

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Re: New RPS Master
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2012, 07:20:55 AM »

From this review I assume we've been judged more than fairly?
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